Sensei Entwood
Sensei Entwood

Sensei James Entwood is a fourth-degree black belt in Hayabusa Martial Arts with over 16 years teaching experience. Combining the traditions of martial arts training with a Masters in Leadership Studies, Sensei Entwood works with students to develop physical, mental, and ethical fitness.


Hayabusa Martial Arts was founded by Hanshi Judith Steigler with a focus on excellence, respect, self-defence, confidence, and a systematic approach to learning. In addition to traditional Okinawan karate, Hayabusa incorporates ju-jutsu (throwing), aiki-jutsu (pressure points and joint locks) as well as weapons training. For more information see

Hayabusa photo 2014
Hanshi Stiegler and Black Belts, 2014


Youth Classes - Beginner Thursdays 5-6PM (TREE Common House)
Adult Classes (ages 12+)

Thursdays 6-7:30PM (TREE Common House)
Sundays 7-8:30PM (FROG Mat room)
Call (607-319-0552) or email for additional times.



Location - EcoVillage Ithaca

To get to EcoVillage, heading West on 79 from Ithaca you go about 2 miles from downtown. After passing West Haven Road turn left on Rachel Carson Way. Follow the main dirt road. In 1/2 mile you come to an art studio with a cupola and stay right. Continue ahead and you'll come to a circle and on the other side of the circle there is parking.

TREE Common House

TREE Common House

The dojo in the TREE Common House is in the Multipurpose Room which is on the first floor adjacent to the dining area.

FROG Common House

FROG Common House

The dojo in the FROG Common House is in the Mat Room. Once inside go ahead to the stairs, down one floor, and to the right.